Carrie Lavender

Welcome!  I'm Carrie Lavender.  I love using my intuitive abilities to help my clients create a life they love and have total fun being themselves.

I am one of few people who has been trained as an Intuitive Life Coach by internationally acclaimed intuitive,
Christie Marie Sheldon - (  In addition, I practice Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring and am Reiki attuned.

A key to my coaching approach is that, not only do I remove my clients’ unconscious blocks, but I also teach clients fun individualized strategies to use on their own to facilitate a sustained shift to a higher, happier, more intuitive vibe that makes it far easier to create a life you love.

Additional professional background includes many years 

performing (Cubanana,, teaching (PK-12, college and adults), and trilingual positions in international business.

My languages include English, Spanish and Portuguese.  I enjoy a multicultural lifestyle and hold a Masters Degree in the Teaching of Spanish from Columbia University Teachers College, and 34 doctoral credits in education, languages, and linguistics.


Having overcome a variety of hardships, my coaching style is caring, supportive, fun, and non-judgmental.  

I envision a world in love, harmony, peace, and joy, and my mission is to help create this.


I trust you because you have great intuitive insights and advice, and are totally non-judgmental of my tragic, abused childhood.  You have really helped me.

I just have to say!  You are such an amazing healer!!  I'm so happy to know you, and I am so grateful for our sessions together!  You are super awesome and I know you are a fantastical (supernatural) healer! You are going to do amazing things and helps so many people!  Thank you!! 

I received a message this morning that all is moving forward with our investment accounts, and that we will receive the withdrawals … [soon], yeah!  That session really helped me.  I slept like a rock last night too, which was awesome!

That was amazing!  You were spot on with every single thing you said.  Very thorough and so helpful!  I am definitely going to recommend you to my friends. 

Thanks, Carrie for an awesome session.  I was very intensified after it, and it is still working (days later).  Feeling more and more open . . .

Thank You Carrie! You are very good and take care of everything so well. Your help to me was excellent, and I feel very good after our session.  It looks like I’m learning to put me first!

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