Carrie Lavender
TWO One-on-One Coaching PROGRAMS:



1.  CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE One-on-One Coaching Program

The CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE Program supports you in taking the steps to creating a life you truly love, including: 

  • With me as the coach by your side, you will be gently guided through an amazing process that supports you in eliminating the unconscious blocks in the way of attaining your heart’s desires.
  • Easily implement the 3 most effective Create-a-Life-You-Love Techniques everyday and watch situations turn out in your favor.
  • Tap into your internal GPS System (your intuition) to make laser decisions that make your life flow like calypso.  
  • Kiss goodbye bad habits and take daily inspired actions in sync with your own tune.
  • Upgrade your vibe to where you find yourself easing into a healthy lifestyle, living a life you love, and having total fun being you 24/7—as if you are full-out dancing and singing through life!  Adiós broken record!  Shazam!
CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE (CaLyL) – Monthly Retainer Plan
  • Three 50-minute Create-a-Life-You-Love one-on-one Sessions per month
  • Two 15-minute Laser Solution 1:1 phone calls per month for when you feel stuck
  • Email support for your burning questions 
  • Personalized HOW-TO-Create-A-Life-You-Love Strategies for clearing blocks, taking guided action, and achieving goals
  • BONUS: Menu of playful Create-a-Life-You-Love Techniques to achieve amazing results

2. BECOME YOUR FUTURE YOU One-on-One Coaching Program

In addition to the results and benefits in the CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE program, you also:
  • Learn to partner with your Ideal Future You (your authentic self) and say goodbye to your pro-amateur relationship with life!  
  • Become the Pro of your Life by allowing your Future You to lead you across the dance floor of life.  
  • Ultimate Result:  You learn to step into your true authentic self and create a You and a Life you adore.
    BECOME YOUR FUTURE YOU (BYFY) – Monthly Retainer Plan
  • Three 50-minute Become-Your-Future-You one-on-one Sessions per month
  • Three 15-minute Laser Solution 1:1 phone calls per month for when you feel stuck
  • Email support for your burning questions 
  • Personalized HOW-TO Strategies on how to step into your Ideal Future You to facilitate living a life you love
  • BONUS: Menu of playful Become-Your-Future-You Techniques to achieve amazing results
  • BONUS: Handbook of tailor-made Strategies specific to your situation to help you step into your Future You now and create a life you love.  (Monthly updates)
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